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AMI Summer Bucket List

Anna Maria Island Summer Bucket List

| Paradise Realty Staff |

Things To Do

Whether you’re a local to the Bradenton area or just spending some family vacation time on Anna Maria Island, we’ve got the perfect AMI Summer Bucket List for you. Full of inexpensive, wholesome, family-friendly activities for your group to do this summer at the beach. If you ever hear your kids with the dreaded whines of “I’m bored” go ahead and head to this summer bucket list and start moving!

  1. Create a Summer playlist… and dance!
    No matter your go-to music genre… there’s a happy song for that! Some of our favorites to get you started: Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles, Knee Deep by Zac Brown Band, Three Little Birds by Bob Marley, All Summer Long by Kid Rock, Good Life by One Republic.
  2. Do something artsy
    Make a friendship bracelet or shell necklace, dabble in watercolors, crack open a stress-relieving coloring book, practice ukulele! Whatever speaks to your creative side!
  3. Get your hair wet
    Dive into a wave, dunk your head in the pool, do a cannonball! Just jump all the way in!
  4. Find a shark’s tooth
    If you’ve never found a shark’s took on our Gulf Coast shore we’ll give you a hint: they’re tiny, black, and shiny!
  5. Fish off a dock
    We wish you luck but notice, we didn’t say you have to catch said fish. Any day of fishing counts – even if the fish aren’t biting!
  6. Send a postcard
    Yep, even if you’re a local! Send a postcard from your beautiful hometown to a faraway friend or family member.
  7. Eat an ice cream cone
    Stop by one of our local ice cream shops and indulge in a delicious homemade ice cream cone of your choice. Nothing says Summer like an ice cream cone by the beach!
  8. See 4th of July fireworks
    There are so many fabulous places to celebrate Independence Day and see some excellent waterside fireworks.
  9. Decorate your own baked goods
    Bake some cupcakes to decorate with the icing and sprinkles combo of your choice OR, if you’re not much of a baker or staying in a rental… Grab some famous Publix cookies to decorate!
  10. Fresh Lemonade Stand
    Grab the kids to practice their sales skills – set up a good ol’ fashioned lemonade stand! A great way to cool down from the Summer heat is with a fresh cup of lemonade – and it’s a great way to get to know your neighbors and community!
  11. Visit the AMI Historical Society Museum and the Old Jail
    One of the most notable places to grab a picture on Anna Maria Island – the Old City Jail! Then head in to learn about the history of this beautiful little island in the Gulf.
  12. Eat fresh fish in Cortez
    Head on over to the oldest active fishing village in Florida to eat some fresh-caught fish at one of the restaurants or pick up your own fish to cook at the Fish Market!
  13. Have a pina colada (or virgin daiquiri) on the beach
    Because nothing says vacation (or staycation) like a frozen drink with your toes in the sand!
  14. PJ day with breakfast for dinner
    Take the old “breakfast for dinner” move to a whole new level by snuggling up in your pajamas long before bedtime!
  15. Ride the trolley
    We are so fortunate to have the free trolley services on Anna Maria Island. If you’ve never been, or haven’t been in awhile. Go for a ride on the trolley!
  16. Float
    Pick up a funky float, kick your feet up, and let your worries float away. If you’re a fancy pool float person or just wanting your feet to dangle in the Gulf – floating is always fun!
  17. Wear a Hawaiian shirt (or dress!)
    Sometimes, you gotta dress the part to feel the part. Grab some bright colors, your favorite shades, and a Hawaiian shirt or dress just for fun!
  18. Read a summery book
    For just this once, put all of the work and schoolwork reading away. When’s the last time you read some great Fiction? It’s time to dive in to a fun Summer novel of your choice!
  19. Do a water activity
    Kayaking, paddleboarding, boating, skim boarding, even a pool jump or handstand contest counts! Just get active and get soaked!
  20. Jigsaw puzzle
    Start a big jigsaw puzzle and work on it in a place the whole family can enjoy and contribute to during downtime. It’s the perfect way to kill time while waiting for the shower or for dinner, or for any cloudy day!
  21. Go see some live music at a local venue or restaurant
    Put on your dancing shoes and check out some of great local live musicians at one of the area’s bars or restaurants!
  22. Explore the Florida Maritime Museum in Cortez
    Founded on the importance of this regional, commercial fishing industry, FMM tells stories about all aspects of Florida’s maritime history. All in a historic 1912 Schoolhouse and surrounded by the park-like grounds of the Cortez Nature Preserve.
  23. Share a sunset photo
    It should go without saying to try to catch as many sunsets as you can while on Anna Maria Island. They are truly some of the most beautiful… so snap a pic and share with your friends, family, and to look back on fondly!
  24. Bike ride from North end of AMI to Coquina
    Make a day of it! The 7-miles from one end of Anna Maria Island to the other is a trip bustling with plenty of wonderful places to stop along the way and of course, incredible views.
  25. Sunburnt Game night!
    When the sun gets the best of you and your skin is feeling a little toasty – have a a game night in! Cards, board games, scavenger hunts. Anything but video games counts!

If you need any more suggestions for your Anna Maria Island Summer Bucket List, feel free to ask one of our knowledgable agents at A Paradise! AMI has so much to offer the family and promises to be the place for your best Summer ever in paradise!