Breakfast Spots on Anna Maria Island

Start your day off right with one of these delicious local Anna Maria Island breakfast spots… It is the most important meal after all! There’s something on this list for everyone so check it out to see where the next breakfast/brunch on AMI you should try! Then, fuel up before you hit the beach or boat for the day.

Minnie’s Beach Cafe
5360 Gulf Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

Family-friendly breakfast and lunch restaurant on Gulf Drive with delicious home cooked meals and baked goods. This cozy, family-owned business since the 1990’s is an island staple that never disappoints!

The Donut Experience
210C Pine Avenue, Anna Maria FL 34216

Create your own vision of the perfect doughnut and they make it happen! They start with a delicious, fresh-made cake donut and then you pick from our huge selection of icings and toppings made-to-order. Great fun and great flavors!

3240 E Bay Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

Their breakfast and lunch menus cater to health conscious individuals and comfort food seekers alike. For over 20 years, Peach’s has been proudly serving generations of families and friends in Sarasota and Manatee counties!

Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe
4000 Gulf Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

If you want to start your morning beachside and full – check out Anna Maria Island Beach Cafe located “Where Manatee Avenue Meets the Gulf”! Famous for their “ALL U CAN EAT” Pancakes & Sausage on the beach, but they offer much more.

Ginny’s & Jane E’
9807 Gulf Drive, Anna Maria, FL, 34216

An island staple for more than 15 years with an eclectic mix of café, bakery, and store. Here, you can grab a giant cinnamon roll, breakfast sandwich, borrow a book to read from the café library, or peruse the funky gift shop.

Paradise Bagels Cafe
3220 East Bay Dr, Holmes Beach, FL 34217

Known for their delicious bagels and bagel sandwiches, but host to a slew of American breakfast staples. Grab-and-go or sit-and-eat some fresh bagels, specialty sandwiches, pancakes, homemade soups, coffee bar, and much more. 

Cortez Cafe
12108 Cortez Rd W, Cortez, FL 34215

A hearty, affordable breakfast in the fishing village of Cortez. A great place to feast where the locals eat. Their extensive menu has everything from diner favorites to Greek specialities.

The Waffle Press
425 Pine Ave, Anna Maria, FL 34217

Try these unique “Walkable waffles”. At the core of their menu is the Leige waffle, a sweeter, smaller cousin to the Belgian waffle. They serve locally roasted, small-batch Cosmos Coffee, and offer specialty brews, espresso, cappuccino, lattes, cold brews, iced coffee and select cold beverages.

Whether you stop at one of these or the many other great breakfast spots in the Anna Maria Island area, you can’t go wrong with starting your day in paradise! Need help getting there? Give us a call and we’ll get your perfect vacation started… and we’re not just talking breakfast food! (800) 237-2252

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Anna Marie

Anna Maria Island in the Movies

Here on Anna Maria Island, we’re known for our picture-perfect beaches but did you know that our little island has actually been featured on the big screen? Yes, AMI has been featured in music videos, indie films, and even a couple of major motion pictures! So, check out some of these movies with a tie to AMI the next time you’re missing paradise or need a rainy afternoon activity!

During the silent film days, Anna Maria Island had a lot of promise in becoming a staple of the film industry.

In 1921, actor Paul Gilmore purchased about 40 acres of land where Coquina Beach is, with the intent to build a film colony, later renamed Gil-Mor Isle. His dream was to make this isle a sort of rival to Hollywood. He did get one movie to be filmed here by Character Picture Corporation, The Isle of Destiny with Gilmore himself appearing in the movie. The Isle of Destiny, a six-reeler, performed well when it premiered in New York theaters, and Gilmore planned at least two other films for production on Anna Maria Island. However, the movie never ended up getting national distribution. Gilmore had no luck with getting other movies filmed there. But, you can stream Isle of Destiny on free Prime Video for a classic glimpse into the AMI of almost 100 years ago!

On An Island With You

Another classic film features our paradise. In 1948, On An Island With You was filmed on Anna Maria Island. This historical romantic comedy featured legend Esther Williams in the lead role along with Jimmy Durante. The film’s plot centers on a romantic triangle at a military base in Hawaii, with Anna Maria Island working as a perfect substitute for Hawaii. You can also stream this classic for rent on Amazon.

Now, for something a little more recent. The Perfect Storm starring Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney tells the tale of a commercial fishing vessel that was lost at sea in the Perfect Storm of 1991. The calm waters off Anna Maria Island were used to film the scenes that showcased the calm before the storm.

Whether the island’s showcase in the media is big or small, we’re always happy to see our paradise getting the limelight it deserves! So check out these movies and try to pay attention to location scenes you may recognize. Add a little bit of AMI to your next movie day!

Photos courtesy of On An Island with You release poster archives and Wikipedia page.

Thinking of moving to Anna Maria Island?

When considering buying real estate and potentially making the move somewhere new there is a lot to think about. Of course there’s all of the logistics that go into what kind of home itself: neighborhood, space needed, possible renovation budget. But before any of that, you should first ask yourself if your new hometown takes care of these 3 important pieces: Community, Accessibility, Quality. We’ll answer these questions for you about Anna Maria Island (AMI) and show you why our slice of paradise is the best place to put down your roots.

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Farmer’s Market Guide to Picking Produce

Just in time for the Holidays, we’ve compiled a list of tips on how to pick the best produce. With the Downtown Bradenton Farmers Market every Saturday and the City of Anna Maria Farmers Market every Tuesday- there are 2 great options to get local products and some of the freshest fruits and veggies for great prices! We can probably all cover the bases of how to pick apples and bananas but what about those trickier ones like avocado or sweet potatoes? We’ll make it easy for you!

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Go Green with House Plants

It’s not just a tried and true staple to your home, it is actually this year’s hottest home decor accessory: house plants. Yep, what started with the trend of tiny succulents has actually grown into full live greenery being the year’s hottest interior design tip. With good reason, adding house plants makes a space appear much more open and airy, adds depth, and adds a pop of fresh and lush color to any room. But did you know that it actually offers other legitimate health benefits?

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We Like Long Walks on the Beach

“A beach walk is for stretching your legs and your mind, for looking at life with newfound eyes.” – Sandy Gingras

In today’s world it seems there is always a new fad exercise or self-care regimen, some apparent cure-all to mental and physical health. With endless outside noise telling you what’s best, it can be hard to keep up! What is truly best for you is that you find something that feeds both your body and your soul. Getting up and being active is just as important as actively seeking things that are good for your spirit.

Living on the gulf coast, we are blessed to live near some of the world’s best beaches. Our powdery sand, calm waters, and unparalleled sunsets are a recipe for the perfect physical activity that will get you going and your positivity juices flowing. It’s as simple as taking a walk on the beach.

7 Health Benefits to Walking on the Beach:

  1. Walking in sand requires greater effort than walking on a hard surface. In fact, walking in sand requires almost 3x more energy than on hard surfaces. Even if the sand causes you to walk at a slower pace, it still works your muscles and tendons harder.
  2. FitReserve says you can burn anywhere up to 350 calories for an hour walk on the beach.
  3. Walking on a beach is so relaxing and the best kind of distracting that studies show people walk further distances than they normally would on treadmills, tracks, or city streets.
  4. Instead of pounding your joints and feet on hard pavement, sand acts as a natural cushion.
  5. You can get your daily dose of Vitamin D in just 10 minutes at the beach! Of course, be sure to wear sunscreen, but allowing your skin to soak in a bit of natural Vitamin D has endless health benefits.
  6. Health advocates say that walking barefoot grounds us. The calming sounds and sights of the beach combined with the low-pressure activity of strolling on the beach is actually found to increase serotonin. Not only is sand the best natural exfoliant but it reconnects you to the earth and nature’s beauty, which helps reduce stress.
  7. Helps you sleep more soundly. Exercising on the beach helps relieve 3 key factors that inhibit sleep: high stress and anxiety, lack of physical fatigue, and hormonal imbalances. The sun and lowered stress levels immediately help regulate a person’s hormones – making it far easier later that night to get a peaceful and deep sleep.

Taking even 30-minutes to walk on the beach weekly (or daily!) has been found to be an excellent exercise in health and well-being. Our team is taking a pledge for more walks on the beach, and we hope to run into you on a sunny-side stroll in paradise soon!

Back-To-School Organization Tips

The kids are back-to-school but just because they are out of the house, doesn’t mean the whirlwind ends. Usually it means it’s just beginning! Now there’s homework and after-school activities and and play dates and projects. Did you know that the environment you’re in can greatly add to or help stress levels in your home? We’ve rounded up some quick tips for back-to-school organization that are small, but may be a big help in the day-to-day.

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5 Tips For Hurricane Season Prep

While Hurricane Season technically begins in May, the threat of a hurricane really gears up once the Summer temperatures rise. After last year’s alarming Hurricane Season, it’s a great idea to make preparations soon just in case a Hurricane threatens the Gulf Coast over the next few months. Here are five things you can do now to alleviate the last-minute panic should the weatherman bring some potentially scary news.

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