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Planning Spring Break on Anna Maria Island

Spring Break: The time to turn off the early alarms, put away the textbooks, and get a good dose of Vitamin D. Spring Break on Anna Maria Island is almost here so we have a few tips and tricks to plan your family’s best beach vacation yet!

A good thing to note about our quaint 7-mile island of Anna Maria is it’s typically not a party type of Spring Break tropical destination. Things move slower and places close earlier, really making the emphasis a relaxing getaway with plenty of fun for groups of all ages.

Spring Break

Coquina Beach is one of the most popular spots for families with children, as it has shallow water that makes it safe for kids to swim in. The beach also features picnic tables and grills if you want to make a day out of your trip to the shoreline. There is also everything you may need for a beach day at the Manatee Public Beach. If you’re driving, plan for some traffic so get here early to snag a coveted parking spot! If you’re staying at one of our vacation rentals, you’re in luck! Everywhere on the island is walkable, bike-able, or you can take our free trolley!

Springtime weather on Anna Maria Island tends to be warm and sunny. During the day, temperatures typically range from about 70°F to 85°F, with occasional highs over 90°F.

Nighttime temperatures can sometimes to dip down into the 50s or 60s, so you might want to bring a light sweater if you’re planning on spending time outdoors at night.

April is also the start of the rainy season in Florida, so you might experience some rain during your spring break vacation. Luckily, those showers are usually short-lived and don’t last more than a few hours at a time.

Spring Break

If you’re wanting to add some adventure to your laidback vacation – try some local water sports! Popular options include parasailing, jet skis, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, and fishing. Make the most of our beautiful waters! Be sure to book early!

Speaking of booking early, we have so many great eateries and small businesses here on AMI. From ice cream shops to souvenir stores to restaurants and more. If you want to go out and grab a drink or a great meal, our expert tip is to make reservations where you can or arrive for early mealtimes. There are plenty of awesome options!

If you’re looking for a spot on Anna Maria, in Sarasota, or nearby in Bradenton – there are still some options available! Peruse our rentals page or reach out to our team and we can help you get set up. Our local experts can also recommend and help you get set up with a great local rentals, restaurants, or services!

Just a thirty-minute drive from Sarasota, Anna Maria Island’s soft sand beaches and warm waters make it the perfect spot for some relaxing beach time. So whether you want to go swimming, sunbathing, or just enjoy breathtaking sunsets, there’s something for everyone on this island paradise. The recipe for a Spring Break you won’t forget. Let’s make it happen.

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Anna Maria Water Safety and Lifeguard Flag Meanings

One of the best parts about our beautiful Anna Maria Island beaches and serene shoreline on the Gulf of Mexico is our typically crystal-clear and calm waters. There are normally very few overwhelming waves or dangerous water conditions on a day-to-day basis, and you can often let your worries wash away in the saltwater. It’s what helps make the Gulf Coast area our paradise!

Lifeguard Flag

However, it’s important to note that it is still the great outdoors! Wildlife, currents, and extreme weather conditions are always possible. We want to help give your family peace of mind before jumping in (or, we recommend stringray-shuffling in) so it’s paramount that you stay informed on the latest water safety recommendations and keep your eyes peeled for the beach flag warning system. Especially if you’re staying at one of our Anna Maria or Longboat Key beachfront properties, you’ll want to keep this guide handy so you can rest assured you’re prepared and following updated local guidelines.

The safety and enjoyment of Florida’s public beaches are affected by changes in tide and surf conditions. Florida has an official beach flag warning system that uses colored flags to explain the current conditions at any public beach. Look at the lifeguard stands (most visible at the public beach right as you enter AMI) to display what you can expect on any day.

A DOUBLE RED FLAG: The water is CLOSED to the public. No swimming or wading allowed and all water activity (surfing, paddle boarding) is prohibited.

RED FLAG: High Hazard. Likely there is a high surf and/or strong currents. Even being knee deep in the surf is too dangerous.

YELLOW FLAG: Medium Hazard. Moderate surf and strong currents may be dangerous for some.

GREEN FLAG: Low Hazard with calm conditions yet it’s always smart to exercise caution.

Lifeguard Flag

There is no colored flag specifically for inclement weather such as lightning and rain. Use good judgement and remember if you hear thunder then you are too close to a potential lightning strike so take cover and stay out of the water.

It’s also very important to note: The beach flags provide general warnings about overall surf conditions but do not specifically advise the public of the presence of rip currents. Increased awareness of natural conditions that pose a significant risk at the beach, such as rip currents, is a critical element to improve public safety. Check for signage warning of rip currents in areas known to be potentially dangerous. Especially keep your eyes on your little ones, those who may be less strong swimmers, and always use a buddy system.

Lifeguard Flag

Now that you can confidently head to the beach with the knowledge to keep your family water-safe according to Florida regulations, put on that reef-safe SPF, and enjoy! We are confident your beach vacation to Anna Maria beaches will be blissful.

Photos by and Florida Department of Environmental Protection